Coronavirus (Covid-19) protection: the hut is now open but on a restricted basis in line with Scottish Government rules. We are sorry that at the moment we cannot operate as normal. Bookings can currently be made for a maximum of 6 people from up to three households. A 48 hour gap is required between each booking. Each household must use a separate bedroom and adhere to rules around use and cleaning of the hut which will be explained to you as part of the booking process and in notices displayed in the hut. Please note that if your booking is for less than 6 people you may be sharing the hut’s communal facilities with members of 1 or 2 other households and should only proceed with booking if comfortable with this arrangement. Current charges are £20 per person per night, with a minimum charge of £50 per night and a minimum two night stay. Bookings can be made through the online booking system or by contacting the bookings secretary We are keeping arrangements under regular review and hope we can soon return to normal arrangements. Thank you for your understanding.

This notice will be updated in due course.

Click on Bookings & Availability Chart

  1. Box gives dates horizontally and bunks vertically. Click on the required date and bunk box. Be clear on how many bunks that you want. If you wish other than 20, 18 or 6, then you must book bunk by bunk, not 6 persons in bunk 1!
  2. Next box headed “Please enter details by selecting options below”

    Number of people ____

    Number of night’s ____

    Nb if you have clicked on bunk 1 , the number of people can only be 1 !

  3. Next box gives single line of what you have booked and the small boxes need to be selected eg Do you wish to make another booking If not click on bar “your details “ which takes you to the booking form which you need to complete having read the Terms and Conditions of booking .++

Privacy note

Your details are held within the password protected booking system** and are only known to the Bookings Secretary for the purposes of managing your booking. These details are not shared with anyone nor recorded on any other computer.


Payment should preferably be made by bank transfer to:

Glen  Brittle  Memorial  Hut SCIO
RBS Sort-Code 83-16-07
Account number 00606702

Please quote booking number with transfer and send e-mail to at same time. Payment preferably by bank transfer or please e mail for alternative payment options.

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